2014-02---EL---Van-Follow.movEstee Lauder Envy Lipstick activation video

Estee Lauder commissioned Sean Lee Davis to create a social media activation video for the launch of their new Envy lipstick product line featuring Jennifer Tse. Deploy Media was called in to assist with the aerial video and cinematography. 

The shoot required us to do close range aerial work that mimicked traditional shots that pulled out into full aerial shots. It was challenging flying close to the ground and under a low tree canopy while following a moving vintage Mercedes Benz. During the shoot, we McGyver’ed our DJI S800 and used the attached gimbal as a steadicam to get side shots from a moving van (this may have been the precursor to the Movi, but we’re not taking any credit). Our only regret – we wish we could have spent a little more time tanning on the deck of the luxury yacht.